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69 Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Home

Written By Various Free Tips on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 | 9:07 PM

1. Service Businesses: Things you do for others; repairs, cleaning, child care, etc.

2. Products You Sell to Others; Business cards, names, shoes

3. Products You Can Make and Sell to Others: handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry.

4. Advertising Representative: sell ad space in publications of others, charge % fee.

5. Alternations, Sewing, Cleaning: Sewing, cleaning, anything to do with clothing and what people wear.

6. Auto Work: Repairs, cleaning, polishing, tune-ups, etc.

7. Baking: Cakes, cookies, candies, etc.

8. Baking, Cooking Classes: Teach people what you know about baking, cooking, etc.

9. Bookkeeping, Accounting: Help others keep their books, accounting

10. Broker Services: Offer products and services of others to YOUR customers as a broker.

11. Business Consultant: Help others in running their businesses, guidance,, etc.

12. Business Skills Class: Teach others how to run a business, how to make and save money.

13. Childbirth Classes: teach new parents all they need to know, what to do and how.

14. Closeout and Odd Lot Items: Locate items that are not moving, buy at a discount.

15. Computer Services: Secretarial; services, typing, resumes, reports, manuscripts, etc.

16. Computer Training: Teach people what you know about computers.

17. Craft Instruction: Teach people what you know about craft-making.

18. Dancing Lessons: Aerobic classes;popular dances, teach in your home, etc.

19. Dealerships:Sell programs and plans of others, sell their products, etc.

20. Discount Printing:Contact small printers offer their services to others.

21. Distribution of Flyers, Circulars: Do it by mail for clients, charge a fee.

22. Editing,Advisor: Read manuscripts, reports. Edit them, re-word sections before publications.

23. Equipment Repair: Take in all kinds of appliances and equipment. Service and repair them.

24. Financial Services: Take in all kinds of appliances and equipment. Service and repair them.

25. Freelance Writing: Articles, Dramas, Poems,etc.

26. Garden Goods for Sale: Sell corn,potatoes,flowers,melons, etc.

27. Ghost Writing:Sell your "way with words" to others; help them to get it in print!

28. Gift Ideas, Wrapping:People need help in these areas and will pay for that help.

29. Hair Salon: Washing, Cutting, Styling, Coloring, Perms, etc.

30. Hair and Beauty Classes: Teach make-up techniques, hair styling;cutting,cutting, etc.

31. Hobby, Gift Ideas:There are thousands of different items you can sell.

32. How-to and Money-Making Books/Plans.

33. Import/Export:Learn from the pros; give it a try; buy low there, sell high here!

34. Issue Your Own Publication or Newsletter: Charge ad rates, Subscriptions, etc.

35. List People for a Fee: Offer to list their name as wanting something, charge a fee; etc.

36. Laundry Service: Washing, Ironing, folding, etc.

37. Locator Service: Locate Jobs, Bargains, sources, discounts, buyers, etc.

Mail Forwarding Service: Offer to forward mail, receive it at you address for others.

39. Mailing List Service: Compile and sell your customer names; rent and sell their names.

40. Mailorder Classes: teach people how to make money; save money; get rich' etc.

41. Multi-Level Opportunities: It's possible to make money this way, if you get enough people.

Parties in Your Home: Help others plan and hold them, charge a fee, be a clown, etc.

43. Pet Care: Training, Grooming, Boarding. Pets inn,

44. Phone and Answering Machine: Telephone Soliciting; Answering.

45. Photo Studio in Your Home: If you like photography; have camera; dark room, etc.

46. Piano & Music Instruction: Teach pupils in your home; teach what you know.

47. Plant Care; Rental: Take in plants, care for them. Gardener's Supply,

48. Publicity Service: Help others get the publicity they need, news releases.

49. Publish a Cook Book: Get help from cooks; offer to list their recipes. Charge per book.

50. Reminder Service: Remind people about important dates, events, using cards, phone, etc.

51. Rental Service: If you got it, rent it!. A backyard, a patio, shrubs, tools.

52. Reading, Reviewer: People are too busy to read all they need to; charge them for summary.

53. Researcher: Charge a fee to research a subject; charge for a written report.

54. Scholarship Assistance: Help students get financing. School Services .

55. Self-Improvement Classes: Teach people what you know about losing weight; etc.

56. Sell By Mail Order: Ad specialties; Booklets; Reports, etc.

57. Sharpening Service: Take in saws, knives to be sharpened, etc.

58. Speaking, Reading, Recording: Sell your talents as speaker, reader, on tapes for the blind.

59. Start a Club: Sell Memberships in it; Charge monthly dues, issue a newsletter, etc.

60. Tapes - Videos: Buy in lots; sell; re-buy; resell.

61. Teach Various Subjects: Classes can be on How to do something, How to stop smoking, etc.

62. Tutoring: In home Teaching; help students to catch-up[; improve skills, etc.

63. Used whatever Store: Have used items for sale, take in; sell, re-buy, re-sell.

64. Wedding Planner: Help young couples to plan theirs; what to order, when, etc.

65. Weight Loss Classes: How to lose weight; exercise; Diet, weight loss.

66. Wholesalers; Sources of Supply: Publishers: Get their names, contact them for info.

67. Woodworking: Carpentry; Antique rebuilding; Repairs.

68. Write and Sell Books and Reports: Type up, copy and sell your own; sell works of others.

69. Yard, garage Sales: Sell what you no longer need or want; people will buy your junk!
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